Interview for website

Wayne: Norman, you are something of a jack of all trades. You have retired as a Director of KPMG after a successful career as a Chartered Accountant. You have a Master’s degree in theology and are involved in a Christian church and lecture at the Baptist Theological College. Now, you have started writing – what made you start this new activity?

Norman: Well Wayne, It surprises even me at times. I have always enjoyed writing during my career and done well with reports. Before I retired I wrote a pamphlet for my church on personal financial discipline. It was well received, and I determined that I would expand it into a book when I retired. This book, “Stretching your Rand”, was my first book which I self-published.

Wayne: What other books have you written up to now?

Norman: I wrote a book called “A Resource Book on Christian Prayer”, also self-published, which is a “how to” book dealing with many practical issues relating to personal prayer. My third book “Finding Meaning in Later Life” is aimed at older people who may be discouraged and think that their lives are over. I am in the process of self-publishing this book.

Wayne: It sounds like your books have been designed to help your fellow man, Norman. But now you have written a novel – why such a radical change in direction?

Norman: It is a change Wayne, but not as great as first appears. My novel Payoff! Is a story about an internal auditor who discovers a fraud in his company, and the plot develops from there. The very credible plot of the book comes out of my audit experience, and I have developed it into an exciting story. However, the book highlights things like being successful despite a poor start in life, personal integrity, a strong faith to trust and do right and family values. These are all concepts that I hope will help and motivate people in their own lives.

Wayne: Norman, I wish you every success in your new writing career.

Norman: Thanks Wayne, and thanks to your company Netwise Multimedia for your expertise in developing this website for my new career!